33rd ELGI Annual General Meeting

More than 300 participants from the lubricating greases and associated products field got reunited during the last ELGI annual meeting 2023 edition in Amsterdam. The bike roads and Grachten of Amsterdam served as a constant reminder of the importance in the present and future of grease lubrication sustainability in building a cleaner and healthier world. The city's commitment to sustainability and its well-established infrastructure endorse the significance of our collective efforts.

The latest progress in this field was shared, that it is being mainly approached from two different perspective, from one side, improving performance and lifetime of greases which will significant optimize the energy consumption and ensure longer-lasting machinery, and on the other side taking advance of the innovations in raw materials, increasing the content of renewable and biodegradable products into formulations ensuring lower carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle. In IQL We are fully committed and identified with this strategy, which set us as a key partner for formulators. Our ongoing projects, VII with sustainable environmental profile, EAL additives with improved hydrolytic stability, and Organic Friction Modifier are develops to be part of the solution on the very demanding scenario.

Dedicated session for the ELGI Sustainability Technical Consortium, with the intention of providing guidance to define, develop and measure sustainability in the European Lubricants Industry, to address misconceptions on the industry’s sustainability capacities, and to take part in the ongoing discussions on sustainability at EU and international level. This consortium represents a crucial step forward for the industry, establishing standards that improve data quality in terms of carbon footprint measurement for different products and applications.

We express our enthusiasm to reconvene with all participants in the upcoming ELGI annual meeting in 2024, which will take place in Madrid. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts in driving grease lubrication sustainability and sharing further advancements in the field. Together, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the lubricants industry.

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