Chain oils are used for the transfer of power across a wide range of applications. The chain system requires lubrication to allow the free movement of chain components and prevent excessive wear.

Power transmission: motor vehicle and bicycle drive chains

  • Control chains: machine tools, positioners and timing in automotive engines
  • Lifting chains: cranes, sluice gates, forklifts, forges and rolling mills
  • Transportation systems: excavation, agriculture, food industry and automotive paint shops
  • High temperature processing: textile setting and drying, plastic film stretching, food industry, ceramics and lithographic industries

Formulation Components

Percentage Components
0 - 20% Thickener / Tackifier / Adhesion improver
polymeric (PIB), acrylic VI improvers, COMPLEX ESTERS
1 - 5% Antioxidants
Combinations of aminic and phenolics, phosphite secondary antioxidant and color stabilizers
1 - 5% EP / Antiwear
Phosphates, amine phosphats, COMPLEX ESTERS, long chain FA
1 - 5% Anticorrosion
Organic acids and partial esters, amides, sulphonated for ferrous surfaces and triazoles, thiazoles for cooper
0 - 0,1% Antifoam
Organics, Silicones, modified siloxanes


  • Extremely good Lubricity of the chain moving parts
  • Clean decomposition
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • High Flash points
  • Compatibilities (plastic components and paints)
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