IQLubricants is a global business that designs and offers a wide range of chemicals to lubricant formulators. Its products promote machinery lifetime, energy efficiency and fuel savings while reducing the impact on the environment. A fully dedicated technical and sales teams are highly qualified to provide technical advice to their lubricant customers.

Since its creation, IQLubricants aims to be a specialized medium-sized supplier, taking advantage of the high knowledge and experience of organic chemical synthesis and adding tribological capabilities in its application laboratories. In addition, the business continuously cooperates and leads lubricant projects with universities, technology centers, lubricant blenders and OEMs to complement its R&D capabilities.

IQLubricants bases its new product developments on market trends, balancing performance and environmental aspects.

Industrial Applications

  • Film forming additives and co-base fluids
  • Low volatilities/High temperature performance
  • Long term Newtonian viscosity behaivor at low temperatures
  • Biodegradability (studies on real soil)
  • Coefficient of friction reduction/optimization

Automotive Applications

  • Superior lubricity with low viscosity base oils
  • Reduce Sulphated Ash Phosphorous Sulphur (SAPS)
  • Excellent thermal/oxidative stabilities
  • E-Mobility
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