The market is increasingly in demand for lubricants that cover a wider range of operating temperatures. Over the past few years, this real requirement is getting even more challenging. The same products than can operate at high temperatures must work properly in arctic conditions.

High performance products that operate at high temperatures must show high flash points, low volatilities, low deposits and excellent oxidative and thermal stabilities. Often, products of medium-high viscosity with good high temperature behavior show crystallization or molecule pre-ordination under arctic conditions. This leads to a viscosity increase as a function of time and temperature, destabilizing lubricity, energy efficiency, fluidity and/or the collapse of filters.

Docadit LTTM series technology makes it possible to maintain a fluid for more than 72h below -30°C without viscosity alteration. Moreover, it allows avoiding viscosity deviations during temperature fluctuations below 0°C.


  • Extremely oxidative and thermal stabilities
  • Suitable for high temperature applications
  • Clean operation
  • Good operation at arctic conditions
  • Suitable for a reliable cold-start, particularly with low outside temperatures

DocaditTM LT-1501


DocaditTM LT-1582


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