Hydraulic fluids are used as incompressible fluids to transmit a force from one point to another point by changing the section diameter where the fluid is passing through. The force applied in the starting point is almost always multiplied in the process. Hydraulic fluids are used in applications where big forces need to be applied, such as agriculture, construction, forestry, marine, mining, etc. In the majority of its applications workers are exposed to hydraulic fluid losses and machinery often operates in off-road scenarios. For these reasons formulations tend to have high flash points and to be biodegradable. In addition, hydraulic designers are moving to smaller systems with greater pressures and smaller reservoirs, where the heat transfer becomes more and more important.

Viscosity control against the temperature is crucial for high energy efficiency. A good hydraulic fluid should be thick enough to seal so to not lose pressure in the system but thin enough to be energy efficient. Esters can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a hydraulic formulation due to the high viscosity index. Cavitation is a very important issue that hydraulic formulators should fight with. In order to reduce cavitation issues, homogeneity of the fluid is very important.

IQLubricants offers a wide range of pure ester products designed for high performance lubrication which gives a clear advantage against MO and PAO which their impurities can easily cause cavitation issues. IQLubricants ester base fluids are recommended where excellent and consistent lubrication, good oxidation stability, cleanliness of operation and low environmental impact are considered to be the main priority for the formulator.


  • Viscosity stability
  • Good air release
  • High flash points
  • Low impurities level
  • High fire points
  • Elastomer compatibility (Viton and Nitrile)
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