SoldocTM product range was created during the second highest growth of the Company in 2004 when it moved to the new and current facilities in Castellgalí. The current IQLubricants portfolio comprises saturated polyol products with excellent oxidative and thermal stabilities, low pour points and great biodegradation ratios.

Product Product Family
Soldoc 130R Monoester 11 3.1 152 1.5 -25 220 PDS MSDS MPP SAMPLE
Soldoc 3/134 Saturated Polyol Ester 90 13 143 3 -27 300 PDS MSDS MPP SAMPLE
Soldoc 4/136M Saturated Polyol Ester 145 18.2 140 3 -30 300 PDS MSDS MPP SAMPLE

R Reach non-registered substance with possibilities to register it in case of interest.
M Minimum order quantity required.

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