Metalworking Fluids (MWFs) are neat oils or water-based fluids used during the machining and shaping of metals to provide lubrication and cooling. Main groups depending on the final use are:

  • Cutting fluids or coolants
  • Metal-forming lubricants

MWF must lubricate and cool down a contact area between the tool and the metal work piece. Moreover, the formulation has to prevent corrosion, remove chips and clean the modified metal surfaces. The esters can be formulated as base oil but also as additives to improve antiwear performance.

Formulation types

  • Neat Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic (emulsions)
  • Synthetic (water soluble solutions)

Formulation components

Base Oil Biocide
Lubricity or boundary lubricant Fungicide
Emulsifier Coupling agent
Anti-corrosion additive Anti-mist additive
Extreme pressure /Antiwear additives Water
pH buffer
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