IQLubricants believe that innovation is a key pillar for advancing toward sustainability.
Here, we highlight our most recent releases and ongoing projects that aim to solve new lubricants industry challenges.


Formulators often face significant challenges when formulating EALs due to the constraint and/or limitation of organometallic chemicals that offer good Anti-Wear and Extreme Pressure properties but have a poor profile in terms of toxicity, biodegradability and / or bioaccumulation.

IQL has developed the new Docadit 10020, a high-performance, non-toxic and biodegradable additive indicated in EAL formulations that require high thermal/oxidative stability, hydrolytic stability, good elastomeric compatibility and that helps to overcome the most severe requirements of Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear specified by the OEMs, such as Marine applications.

Take a look at this excellent product and if you still have questions, the IQL team can give you more data information and/or advise on how to use this fantastic product.

The product is listed into the LuSC-list and samples are available.


The highly demanding requirements set by the NSF for ingredients with incidental food contact HX-1 mean that there are few alternatives for high viscosity products with excellent resistance to oxidation and high temperatures.

For that reason, IQL has created the new Docadit FL 90, an ISO 380 with double approval: NSF HX-1 and LuSC-listed. The product offers superior resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, as well as very low volatility results similar to those obtained with aromatic and/or cyclic structures, making it ideal for applications that operate at high temperatures. Once the product is volatilized, the deposits it leaves are really low, being negligible with a low dose of antioxidants.

Viscosity Index Improvers with a sustainable environmental profile

To continue contributing with the transformation of lubricants into a more sustainable and environmental friendly products, IQLubricants is developing a new Docadit family to bring alternatives with higher biodegradable and renewability profile without neglecting the performance within the viscosity index improvers. 

Current available technologies are known to have shear stability deficiency. Docadit VII family not only offer a solution in this area but also shows better thickener efficiency and improved thermal stability along with better lubricity properties.

Get more details in the following link or contacting directly the IQL team for further information.

Self-Emulsifying Esters for metalworking applications

Metal Working formulations are complex, different factors may affect the performance and stability as additive dispersion, water hardness, microbial control and more.

Docadit SEE offer an easy emulsifying base oil with improved stability and tribological properties with the goal to simplify MWF formulations. Showing excellent stability results even with hard water up to 100 ppm CaCO3 and cold temperatures, improving additive solubility, lubricity and wear reduction. We have developed 3 different products to fit different application needs, two of them form milky white emulsion and a third one with clear translucent emulsion.

Find out more details in the following document or contacting directly the IQL team for further information.

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