The more demanding and extreme operating conditions, and at the same time,  the higher concern by consumers, OEMs and authorities for using non-harmful lubricants for the environment and public health, forces the research of new technologies focused on decreasing the amount of inorganic additive compounds within the different formulations.

Moreover, the trend of using low viscosity base fluids in order to reduce energy consumption, directly related to gas emissions, deeply compromise the boundary protection of the metal surfaces.

DocaditTM product range are organic polymers with high viscosities and multiple anchor polar points within the molecular structure. The molecules are capable to create a protection film between the metal surfaces when running in boundary and mixed regimes. Consequently, they effectively reduce friction and wear during the application. The synergistic effect between DocaditTM products with traditional Extreme Pressure and Antiwear additives makes it possible to optimize the quantity of the latter by; enhancing extreme conditions performance or reducing inorganic compounds for more environmental and life friendly lubricants. 

In hydrodynamic regimes, DocaditTM products reduce the coefficient of friction by getting thinner lubricity film between surfaces in relative motion, becoming lubricants of greater energy efficiency.

DocaditTM are used in different concentration depending on final lubricant viscosity, base oil, total polarity of the formula and final desired performance. Its dosage can vary from 0,5% to 50%. They can be used for any sort of application, from a light ISO 15 Metal Working Fluid neat oil formulation in a very small dosage to an ISO 320 grease recipe.


  • Film forming
  • Longer life Viscosity Index Improvers
  • High thermal, oxidative and shear stabilities
  • Fire resistant
  • Low volatilities
  • EP and Antiwear performance enhancement
  • Optimizing formulation costs
  • Reducing oil consumption
  • Lubricity regulators
  • Clean burn / Low deposits
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