Waglinol 4/13680 MB

High performance synthetic lubricant base fluid and additive.
Waglinol 4/13680 is an ISO 32 biodegradable and hydrolytically stable polyol ester, suitable for use in a wide range of applications, both as a base fluid and additive, particularly in fire resistant hydraulic and environmental acceptable lubricants. Waglinol 4/13680 MB is listed in the official LuSC list.


Biodegradable Compliance with local environmental regulations
High flash point Safer operation
High viscosity index Satisfactory use over wide range of operational temperatures
Hydrolytic stability Longer life, increased productivity
Low volatility Reduced top-up required in operation
High renewability content Reduced impact on limited natural resources
nwg Not water endangering

Applications / Recommendations

Steel rolling oils 5 - 90%
Environmental acceptable lubricants Up to 98%
Fire resistant hydraulic fluids - HFDU Up to 98%
Industrial gear oils 5 - 90%
EAL and high temperature grease base oil 5 - 95%
High Temperature chain oil 10 - 98%
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