Docadit LT-1501

High performance synthetic lubricant base fluid and additive.
Docadit LT-1501 is an ISO 150, oxidatively stable, non-bioaccumulative and hydrolytically stable copolymer, with outstanding low temperature flow properties. Docadit LT series have the capability to keep its viscosity stationary when exposed to arctic conditions and low temperature cycles. The product is also delivering mentioned results in combination with other base oils like PAO and MO. Docadit LT-1501 is listed in the official LuSC list with different restrictions depending on the application.


Non-bioaccumulative Compliance with local environmental regulations
Hydrolytically stable Longer life, increased productivity
Low pour point Suitable for use in arctic conditions
Oxidatively stable Longer service life
Good lubricity Improved surface finish, increased efficiency
Low temperature flow properties Excellent performance under extreme environmental conditions

Applications / Recommendations

Four stroke engine oils 5 - 30%
Gear and transmission oils 5 - 15%
Air compressor oils Up to 98%
Environmental acceptable hydraulic fluids 5 - 20%
Greases 10 - 90%
Industrial gear oils Up to 98%
Environmental acceptable greases 5 - 15%
Low Temperature chain oils Up to 98%
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