Docadit SEE C

High performance synthetic lubricant base fluid and additive.
Docadit SEE C is an ISO 32 self emulsifying ester suitable for oil in water emulsions or neat oil metal working fluid applications. Docadit SEE C remains onto the metal surface providing excellent lubricity and wear protection. Additionally, it prevents welding and cracking stress of the metal surfaces avoiding its temperature increase. The ester nature of the product allows having a better viscosity stability making the lubricant more efficient in the application.


Biodegradable Compliance with local environmental regulations
Fire resistant Safer operation
Low misting Healthier operating environment
Good lubricity Improved surface finish, increased efficiency
Nwg Non water endangering
Lower smell Safer operation, better atmosphere conditions
Corrosion inhibition Longer life tools exposed to water and air atmosphere under severe temperature conditions
Easy emulsification No investment needed for emulsification process
Elastomer compatibility Seal swelling without changing elastomer properties
Lower smell Safer operation, better atmosphere conditions

Applications / Recommendations

Metal working fluids neat oil Up to 100%
Metal working fluids oil in water emulsions Up to 13%
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