Technical presentation:
Technische Akademie Esslingen (TAE) 2022

Covid-19 has wreaked obvious havoc around the world, and the chemical and lubricants sectors has been no exception. Faced with this complex scenario, IQLubricants has focused its investments on R&D, expanding its technical staff and laboratories.

As a result of the different active research lines, and with the hope of being able to participate again in person in a technical congress of the sector, IQLubricants is pleased to publish the following abstract accepted by the Tecnische Akademie Esslingen (TAE) 2022.

An experimental study of the effect
of thermal aging on the lubrication performance of
Environmental Acceptable Lubricants (EALs)

M. Combarros, A. Emeric, G. Cañellas, M. Alumà, T. Ehara
IQL, Castellgalí, Spain

Nowadays EALs require high severe demands regarding temperature, speeds and loads while, at the same time, re-lubrication intervals are increasing. Aging affects the performance of lubricants, thus, there is the necessity of a methodology to predict the durability of the oils. A lubricating oil is mainly degraded by two mechanisms: thermo-oxidative and mechanical. In this study a new method was developed to assess the lubricating behavior when the oil is thermally aged at a certain temperature in the presence of a catalysator and air for 168 h. The evolution of the aging process is monitored evaluating the change on total acid number, viscosity, weight, GPC and FT-IR. During thermal degradation, the oil experiments evaporation of the volatiles, an increase of viscosity due to polymerization and TAN increase. Furthermore, a study of the lubricity of the aged and fresh oil was performed using a Mini-Traction-Machine. Stribeck curves and scuffing behavior was investigated. As a result of the aging process, tribological characteristics of the product change depending on the nature of the lubricant. In addition, the effect of antioxidants additives on the aging was studied. The methodology presented can be of great use to predict lubricating life and will help us design new sustainable solutions for an extended life-service.

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