Docadit HV

High performance synthetic lubricant base fluid and Lubricity additive.
Docadit HV is a multipurpose high molecular weight hydrolytically stable copolymer, particularly suitable for use as an Extreme Pressure (EP) enhancing additive, a lubricity additive, a thickening agent and as a viscosity index improver. Docadit HV is listed in the official LuSC list with different restrictions depending on the application.


Biostable Improved in-service operation, longer life
Hydrolytically stable Longer life, increased productivity
Good lubricity Improved surface finish, increased efficiency
Effective at low treat rates Efficient formulations
High flash and fire points Safer operation
Low volatility Reduced product maintenance
High renewability content Reduced impact on limited natural resources
Shear stable Improved in-service operation, longer life
Suitable for neat and water soluble applications Simplified formulations, diverse range of end applications possible

Applications / Recommendations

Four stroke engine oils 1 - 5%
Two stroke engine oils 1 - 5%
Greases 10 - 20%
Chain oils 5 - 20%
Metalworking fluids - cutting and grinding 5 - 10%
Metalworking fluids - drawing and stamping 5 - 10%
Ferrous and steel rolling oil 5 - 10%
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