Docoil DTDA

High performance synthetic lubricant base fluid and additive.
Docoil DTDA is a high oxidatively stable, very hydrolytically stable and biodegradable diester suitable for use in a wide range of lubricant applications.


Biodegradable Compliance with local environmental regulations
High thermal and oxidatively stable Improved in-service operation, longer life
Low temperature flow Excellent performance under extreme environmental conditions
Low deposit formation Cleaning cost savings, great finishes
Low smoke Healthier operating environment
Low volatility Reduced product maintenance
Shear stability Improved in-service operation, longer life

Applications / Recommendations

Automotive gear oils / transmission fluids 5 - 25%
Air compressor oils Up to 98%
Chain oils Up to 98%
Environmental acceptable hydraulic fluid Up to 98%
Greases 10 - 90%
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